Falegnameria1946 Wall Sliding Wardrobe Wardrobe

  • Wardrobe with Glass Sliding Door

Wardrobe with Glass Sliding Door

A modern and exquisite proposal among the cabinets Falegnameria1946, a tailor-made design designed to give life to the furnishing of its environments. This lacquered wood model, amongst the cabinets of the company Falegnameria1946, thanks to the rich range of finishes available, make every room in a space of style to live and show. The Falegnameria1946 lacquered wooden cabinet model, featuring an excellent design, has been developed to open up-to-date horizons of modern-day functionality. If you want to characterize the environment with lacquered wooden cabinets, this model is the right choice for your home. This product allows you to optimally design the interior of your home and to make the best use of space according to your needs.

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