Modern Kitchen Ak 02 by Arrital

  • Kitchen Lacquered Mattress with Table at Peninsula

Kitchen Lacquered Mattress with Table at Peninsula

If you intend to customize the interior with matte lacquer corner kitchens, this model is the best choice for your home. This proposal allows you to perfectly customize the interiors of the home and make the rooms agile and comfortable depending on the particular requirements. This opaque lacquer pattern, among the Arrital brand kitchens, thanks to the wide range of finishes available, transforms every room into a classy place to live and show. The Arrital Matte Lacquered Kitchens model that we propose, characterized by a personal design and created to create new functional horizons. A choice with the times and excellence of the Arrital Corner kitchens, a taylor design designed to give shape to the interior design of their home interiors.

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