In the rest area in the diffused light of a ceiling lamp, or a chandelier or applique, we will hang the bedside lights. When we choose the light sources in our home, we have to check the size and shape of the environments, the activities we do, the time when the lights are lit in the day, the tonality and the style of furniture and finishes. A room where the predisposition of the lights of primary importance is the kitchen, where a suspended chandelier must be placed for the diffused light above the table, a light embedded in the aspiration hood and then recessed led lights under furniture and shelves. Today the lighting market offers products that can satisfy any demand; The newest technologies then allow for reduced energy consumption, for a comfortable and healthy habitus. For the living in the diffused light, it is also to be supported by direct light, thinking of a floor lamp for example, to illuminate the area of the sofas; Spotlights and wall lamps will be useful in enhancing a picture. In our home a primary role was the Lighting, which follows us in all the gestures that we do every day: we must therefore carefully choose which appliances we will buy and how we will install them. Illumination helps to enhance an object or space as well as to create an evocative atmosphere.