Sangiacomo Rugged Lilac Lacquered Wall L5C02 Wall

  • Lacquered Wood and Metal Wood

Lacquered Wood and Metal Wood

The matte lacquered wall model of the Sangiacomo brand name, featured in a unique design, has been designed to create unprecedented horizons of modern style. A modern and exquisite proposal between the Sangiacomo equipped walls, a tailor-made design designed to give home furnishing freely. This proposal allows to perfectly perfection the interior of the house and to make living rooms according to the most particular expectations. This matte lacquer pattern, among the well-equipped walls of the Sangiacomo brand, thanks to the wide range of finishes available, make every room in a space of style to live and exhibit. If you want to characterize the habitat with matched lacquer walls, this model is the right proposal for your home.

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