The sofas in our living room accommodate us in relaxation time: they are comfortable to choose from, with a quality padding and able to provide the body with effective support. Before choosing the sofas for our living room, we must consider the dimensions of our interior and its functions, which will define the choice of a two or more upholstered seat, with one or more upholstered. The most current sofas have deep seats and for those who also want systems to tilt the backrest and pull out the seat. We will be able to place the front or corner sofas in living, as well as deciding on an upholstered envelope with a comfortable chaise longue or matching pouff. Corner sofas in-line, but also, for those who do not have enough space, Sofa Beds, which turn to need: the brands design a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of all of us. In the living room the sofas are the protagonists of the social and relaxed environment.