Ditreitalia Quilted Sofa Dunn

  • Adjustable chair with adjustable headrest

Adjustable chair with adjustable headrest

Combination of molds and finishes make this Ditreitalia Corner Sofa Model the right choice to furnish your premises according to the taste of each one. The proposal of Divani in the Ditreitalia fabric finishing has great personalization tips for your home. Creative stripe and different solutions in the same stylistic dimension: the Ditreitalia fabric pattern features forms, colors and creative ideas to create your own room. Seeking, Ditreitalia's Sofa Fabric Model becomes an accomplice to a current mood, it guarantees all the excellence of Ditreitalia's signature. With the right combination of aesthetics and functionality, this model of Ditreitalia sapr corner sofas guarantees you articulated designs of great charm for your home.

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