Tables and Chairs

In existing homes the kitchen is one with the living room and therefore there is no more distinct distinction between Tables and Chairs for the two environments. In size, comfort depends on the width, ranging from 45 to 55 cm; From the depth, between 46 and 60 cm; From the backrest, which can range from 45 to 60 cm, to stand comfortably as well as to be 75-90 cm to ensure a good back support. In a not too large interior, a table must be positioned in proportion to the size; If you like to receive people for dinner you will always be able to use an extensible table template. In the dining room, whether in the living room or in the living area, the choice of tables and chairs bound to the available space: as a rule, remember that the space of a diner for 45-60 cm; They will leave 75-90 cm between the table and any wall behind to move seats freely; The passage area around the table should be 90-100 cm, as well as 120 cm if a door is near. The lines designed by the best producers allow you to choose from round tables, rectangular tables, squares or ovals. The chairs, to be coordinated with the tables, must first be comfortable and practical, as well as pleasing to the sight. Choosing Tables and Chairs then depends on the general mood of the room and its furnishings, with which they are to be matched. As for the finishes, there is only the embarrassment of choice: wood, glass, metal, stone, lacquered are some of the options offered.