From the planning to the final realization: our services

La Cicala in Como offers a reliable and accurate service to the customers who asked for the assistance of our interior designers. Fabrizio, the architect, will guide you through all the phases of your furnishing plan, provinding a strong support also with regard to the structural aspects of the interior architecture, in case you have to face a restructuring challenge. Therefore, you will receive lots of useful advice about the divison and organization of spaces, the choice of facings, the distribution of light spots all around your home. Andrea and Alberto, thanks to a great experience and an extensive know-how inherited by their parents, will manage the delivery and mounting phases, performed with best practice. We are always ready to assist our clients thanks to an efficient after-sales service, even when years have passed form the purchase. Last but not least, we study the best customized payment solutions, in order to let you furnish your home free from any concern.