Pergolas shop

The most spacious outdoor spaces and terraces are often completed with a self-supporting or leaning pergola, in order to guarantee privacy and protection from the elements. Complete the gardens with outdoor solutions of great personality: the most exclusive Pergolas on the market await you in our shop. Whether they are made of wood, aluminum or various innovative materials, the pergolas are complemented by curtains and draperies in technical fabric, capable of withstanding the climatic conditions. In the shop you will find wall-mounted pergolas, to extend the living area or kitchen outside, and self-supporting ones, which have proved to be ideal for creating quiet corners in the middle of the garden. Being not only functional but also decorative elements, pergolas must be chosen with great attention to innovative materials, fashionable finishes and exclusive lines. Arranging the gardens making them completely liveable and beautiful is essential if you want to enjoy gardens, terraces and verandas in different seasons, without any hindrance.